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**  July 14 -        Added John Forté freestyle.  Updated  LINKS.

** COMING UP: Lyrics for all da joints, Message Board,  Real Audio for "konscious" Reggae artists such as   Mutabaruka, Steel                         Pulse, Culture,  Burning Spear,  Bob Marley, and maself (Nyabinghi Worio) , yea   Me.                 


Wyclef Jean
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Album:   The Carnival 

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Street Jeopardy     f/ J. Forté, R.O.C
Guantanamera   f/ Jeni Fujita  & Celia Cruz
To All The Girls
Gone Till November
San Fézi     f/ Lauryn Hill
Year of The Dragon     f/ L. Hill
We Trying to Stay Alive   f/ J. Forté, Pras
Mona Lisa   f/ Neville Brothers
Anything Can Happen

Remixes / Non LP

Cheated (To All The Girls) f/ Queen Pen & The Product   
What's 'Clef Go To Do With It
dissin ' a n#gg@ called LL Cool Gay      updated
John 3:16         from the DJ Muggs Soul Assassins (Chapter 1) LP   
Stayin' Alive   (Remix)                     
No Airplay  f/ Canibus, Manhunt         
Gone Till November (Remix)  f/ Canibus &.R. Kelly
Guantanamera (Remix)
* f/ Beenie Man
Bake Cake   (Bubblegoose remix) 
Freestyle in London, England
* w/ Canibus  (12 mins)
Freestyle w/ Pras   (10 mins) DOWNLOAD

click here~~~> MORE jointz featuring WYCLEF


John Forté 

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Album: Poly Sci               NEW & *hot*   courtesy  Real HipHop  <--- check out this site!

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Hot (Intro)
Ninety Nine     feat. Wyclef, Jeni Fujita             
They Got Me   feat./ Fat Joe and Destruct 
God Is Love God Is War
We Got This    f / DMX              
The Right One  f / Pras, Jeni Fujita
Madina Passage
   f / 20 grand pikasoe, jeni fujita, baracus, st. nikolas, casino red, el hiram
Poly Sci   f / 20 grand pikasoe and jeni fujita
P.B.E (Powerful, Beautiful, Excellent)
All F#cked Up
Born To Win    f / 20 grand pikasoe
All You Gotta Do
Flash The Message   f/ butter
Hot (Outro)

Non LP    

I'm Leaving w/ Pras              new
Freestyle          new



Lauryn Hill

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Lost One
The Sweetest Thing  f/ J.  Forté  
All My Time   f/ Paid_Live    
* hot *            requires the RealPlayer G2
Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Keep it Tight (Freestyle)  



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Ghetto Supaster *  f/ ODB, M˙a   
Avenues    f/ K. Marley
Murder Dem
         new    * hot
I'm Leaving w/ Forté            new




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Album Title: "Can-I-Bus"? 

BUY  "Second Round Knock Out"  Single

Second Round K.O       dissin ' this same n#gg@ known as LL Cool Gay
How We Roll
How Come  w/ Youssou N'Dour, Wyclef            

Grand Deception                Get it from
What's Going On?        
Get it from
Get Retarded         Get it from
I Honor U      
      Get it from
Nigganometry     Get it from
All Hail Canibus
   newfrom DJ Clue's Mix Tape

Non LP / Freestylez

Freestyle in London, England * w/ Wyclef  (12 mins)
Freestyle from Lost Boyz/DJ Clue Promo
Tony Touch Freestyle
Group Home Family  f/ Lost Boyz, Panama P.I
DJ Clue Mix
DJ Clue Freestyle w/ Sonya Blade
Freestyle /w DMX, Noreaga. (36 Minutes)
Buckingham Palace (1st Verse) (Exclusive)
Mad One
Freestyle from Lost Boyz/DJ Clue Promo
Tony Touch Freestyle

CLICK ~~~~> MORE jointz featuring CANIBUS



Make It Hot     

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